About us

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Our Story

It all started with an interest.

As Chinese immigrants, we have our deeply rooted cultures in noodles for thousands of years. For us, it is a taste of home. With the help of friends, we opened our first restaurant in 2017. What started as a small wish of bringing the most authentic handmade noodles to immigrants just like us, became something grander.

We are excited to find out that many American people also loved to dine with us. Over time, we realized that great food is borderless and we want to make the tastiest Asian style noodles accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

We are always listening to our guests, so we can keep improving and bringing the best of the best broth, noodles, and flavor to people. We want to share the best of our belonging and be the best provider of Asian-style noodles.

Our Values


Always striving to provide the highest quality of food and service. 


Training personnel to produce meals quickly and serve effectively, through innovation, technology and sustainability.


Commitment to being open and embracing different cultures in our personnel and bill of fare.


Being honest about our ingredients in sharing our palate of taste to the world. 


Consistently aiming to improve our flavor, service, and dining experience.

The Art of Hand-Pulled Noodles

Hand-pulled noodles, or handmade noodles, are also known as 面 (la-mian). These wheat flour-based ingredients are an important component of Chinese food culture. They are noodles that are not made by machine, but by the strength of a human’s upper body.

These noodles were first a necessity then made its way into being an art form, transforming the culture of food to what we know as today. Our chefs have mastered ways of creating several shapes and sizes of noodles, uniquely from round, flat, triangle and knife cut shapes. The difference in texture from soft, smooth or chewy attracts different ways to indulge.

In a nutshell: see it, like it, eat it. It is handmade, well-made. Enjoy!​